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Pharmaatree purpose

I have created my website in 2012 named
The only purpose was to help people to get job in Pharma industries and to help those people who are already working in Pharma Industries and somehow suffering in the company with any reason.  I was aware of the importance of the job for the Person and for his Family as i suffered that too. Earlier getting information about the job in Pharma Industry was a great challenge , we were relying only on the newspapers and consultancies but social media was a light bearer to me and to many .. I also got motivated by many of my close friends. Its true that its only your potential to crack interview and hurdles for getting job and i try to bring that opportunities close to you . So just visit my site - and take the opportunities.

Salesman can be a hero...

Can a Medical Representative (Salesman) be a hero?
TIGERS- Directed by "Danis Tanovic"-movie based on real life story of a medical representative fight against his giant multinational company (Nestle)
"Emran Hashmi" plays role of Syed Aamir Raza (Medical Representative working in Pakistan) 
Nestle paid the makers of the film for not release the film in theaters, this movie will be release on 21st Nov by Zee 5 It's my appeal to watch & promote this "UNSUNG PHARMA HERO" through social media. PHARMAATREE ( ) salutes *Syed Aamir Raza for his bravely fight against his pharma giant by sacrifice his career. Thanking you.